5 Things to Avoid When Buying a Ohio and California Investment Property

5 Things to Avoid When Buying a Ohio and California Investment Property

For new investors that don’t have experience purchasing property with an investor’s mindset, buying an investment property can be an exciting opportunity; however, there are many red flags you should watch for to avoid falling into a money pit. It makes sense to research the subject; however, we suggest reaching out to experts, or a trusted friend or family member with experience, to help make such a significant financial investment. 

Getting a good feeling about a property isn’t enough when you’re investing in creating cash flow and building wealth through equity and the power of leverage. The methods used to determine if you should invest in property carry significant weight for future investments and can either be the beginning of a great real estate investment business or the first and last act of ending your investment dreams. So read on as we explore five things to avoid when buying a Ohio and California investment property. 

Emotional Decisions

First, you must base your calculations for the investment on a solid foundation for your returns to reach the potential the property shows on paper. Emotions can take charge and cause you to invest more than you should to meet your goal; this is especially true when investors get carried away during auctions or in a bidding war, which is something to avoid when buying a Ohio and California investment property. It’s best to have performed your due diligence, calculated a realistic upper limit for these situations, and then stick to it. When you work with a professional home buyer, like those at Homesmith Properties, you’ll have access to a network of professionals who swiftly evaluate a potential investment and guide you through the process, explaining each step to help you learn the ropes.

Tenant Retention

You should also avoid limiting your computations on the investment to only tangible property. To realize savings when buying a Ohio and California investment property, you should also consider the value of retaining tenants over the long term. Vacancies and turnover are costly, and high-quality tenants are priceless to investors. Their reliable payments and respect for your property as if it were their own bring added cost savings over the long term. Ohio and California real estate investors should approach the tenant-landlord relationship with respect and transparency. Setting realistic expectations with everything clearly in writing avoids misunderstandings, and responsiveness to problems shows you care. And adding perks that make your property more attractive to tenants may be the crucial factor in their remaining in place. A professional home buyer like those at Homesmith Properties understands what tenants are looking for and have the vision to improve investments to bring the highest possible return. 

Tenant Screening

Something you’ll also want to avoid when buying a Ohio and California investment property is failing to place superior tenants you’ll rely on for your returns. Proper tenant placement is done by following through with each step of the screening process and remaining within the limits of local, state, and federal laws governing tenants. Then, as experienced property managers can tell you, you’ll save yourself from countless headaches, wasted days of your life, and thousands of dollars over the years in lost income and legal fees for eviction proceedings, damage repair, unpaid rent, and vacancies. 


You see, ultimately, the returns you earn on an investment are limited by the quality of management, as with any business. Purchasing an investment property is merely the first step in the process; investors must follow through in providing the ultimate property management. Failure to prepare systems for each area that managers are responsible for before purchasing is another thing to avoid when buying a Ohio and California investment property. When considering the responsibilities of management, it’s helpful to have connections to professional property managers who can step up in any areas where you need assistance. Working with professional home buyers like those at Homesmith Properties and our team of professional property managers may be the answer you seek to protect yourself legally and provide oversight and protection for your investments.

The professional home buyers at Homesmith Properties know everything to avoid when buying a Ohio and California investment property. And at Homesmith Properties, our experts stay in the loop, helping keep your investment secure or make necessary adjustments. So let Homesmith Properties and our in-house of industry pros be your dream team and help you avoid costly mistakes. Feel free to talk to one of the professional home buyers at Homesmith Properties today about any concerns you may have in moving forward and find out how we can help you over hurdles. At Homesmith Properties, the goal of our professional home buyers is for you to earn the highest possible returns on your Ohio and California investment. So let the professional home buyers at Homesmith Properties help you locate a great deal or ask about our current inventory of the best investment property available in Ohio and California. Call Homesmith Properties at 1-833-HSPROPERTIES (477-7673).

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